Statistics tell us that most investors lose money trading the stock market, due to lack of adequate knowledge, confidence, and the right strategy. While some do manage to be successful occasionally, they still face the challenge of doing so consistently. Too many traders get caught up in complex trading methods taught by various authors and trainers, much of which is mumbo-jumbo not easily understood by common investors. Frankly, there is too much information out there, from too many sources, and laymen will find it hard to glean the right advice from the right place at the right time. Above all comes the skill to control one's emotions in the face of volatility, which makes it all the more difficult to stick to one's trading plan.

In #CASHTAGS, a simple yet informative book, you will find simple solutions to these problems. It begins by breaking all myths about the stock market, addressing harmful beliefs about trading that may have been formed over the years, as well as providing the solutions to deal with them. Explanations are offered as to how to adopt stock trading as a business/profession, and you will find a helpful, step-by-step framework so you can begin trading smartly. Learn how fundamental and technical analysis work and why the latter is better suited to a layman than the former.

With a focus on simplicity, the authors explain how to get started with technical analysis by illustrating simple technical methods anyone can easily understand and apply. Most importantly, the book deals with handling emotions in the trading industry and lists simple, objective rules for buying and selling. There is also an emphasis on maintaining proper risk management in trading, as well as a simple risk management formula that will make all the difference in your trading performance. Most valuable, you will discover insights in the form of interviews from people who have been successful in trading and investing all over the globe.


  • You can finally get over the fear of risk in stock markets.
  • Break through all the long-held market myths and step beyond the limiting beliefs that hold you back from success in trading/investing.
  • Break the cycle of losing your profits back into the stock market.
  • Learn the truth about how the markets behave the way they do.
  • Use a powerful but extremely simple risk management formula that anyone can apply.
  • Get to know a step-by-step, simplistic approach to making money in a complex and overwhelming financial world.
  • Discover the principles that have made people successful in the world of trading and investing, straight from the horse's mouth.


There is a simplistic, step-by-step approach for the common investor to make consistent money in the stock market!

  • Break through the myths about stock market.
  • Why do most people lose money in the stock market?
  • Who makes money and how?
  • How can you make consistent money by stock trading and investing?
  • How can a common person trade successfully?
  • What is fundamental analysis?
  • What is technical analysis, and what are the basics of it?
  • Discover simple trading strategies anyone can implement.
  • Know the rules of thumb in trading.
  • How can you manage risk and optimize return?
  • Learn words of wisdom from the experts.


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